Glass sealant restoration is a large part of what Solid Solutions Construction Services offers. Whether your building has only a few windows or is a large glass curtain wall structure, SSCS can address your needs.

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    At Solid Solutions Roofing, we provide the Northern California and Northern Nevada areas with expert commercial and residential roofing. Our skilled installers only offer the best materials and quality craftsmanship for every job, no matter the size. Our services include roof inspections, roof replacements, new roofs, roof repairs and roof maintenance.

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    Solid Solutions Construction Services, Inc. is not just a specialty waterproofing company, we are General Contractors that also specialize in the project management of a variety of different construction Projects. We have a strong network of consultants and subcontractors to help assess your construction deficiencies, create a realistic project specification and effectively execute the scope of work. We look out for the building owner’s best interest and ensure proper, specifications and installation details are held to the highest standards, and delivered in a timely manner.

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    We have extensive experience in waterproofing systems for decks and balconies both cantilevered and over living space. Our services include examination, dry rot repair, and full restoration systems with a variety of different finishes.

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    Similar to the examples in the concrete and masonry section, we can restore any building/facade systems including but not limited to stucco, stone, pre cast panels, EIFS, metal systems, glass curtain wall, etc. We can offer solutions for the restoration of nearly any building exterior.

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    There are a variety of waterproofing issues that can create serious problems in masonry construction such as block, brick, concrete tilt up office/warehouse buildings and more. Some of our fixes include: crack and mortar repairs, expansion joint replacement, elastomeric coatings, and clear liquid applied coatings that waterproof walls and cannot be seen.

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    Solid Solutions Construction Services is a full service waterproofing company that will investigate and repair any sources of water intrusion into any type of building system. Understanding where, how, when and why water enters a building is critical for making the best corrective course of action

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    Solid Solutions has tracked and discovered sources of water intrusion into buildings, parking garages and interiors due to compromised planters and failing waterproofing on below grade building systems. We offer multiple membrane and liquid waterproofing systems customized to fit your specific leak problem.

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Solid Solutions Construction Services Inc. is a full service waterproofing company that serves Northern California and Northern Nevada

Our Services


Solid Solutions Construction Services, Inc. A full-service waterproofing company. We specialize in addressing water intrusion problems that originate from your “building envelope”

  • Exterior wall surfaces and joints
  • Windows
  • Balconies
  • Walkways
  • Vehicle deck surfaces
  • Below-grade garages, planters, and walls
  • Roof surfaces


We provide options for protecting your building from large or small water problems. Solid Solutions have the extensive product and industry experience to competently help you choose the right products and specifications that best meet your budget requirements. Most water problems have optional approaches and pricing that can include:

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Replacement


Since 2002, we have successfully developed solutions that best meet your project and budget requirements through:

  • Thorough review of water intrusion history and patterns that limit wasted costs and comebacks
  • Preemptive construction analysis that considers the obvious as well as contributing factors
  • Testing techniques to confirm water origination point(s) in difficult or complex situations
  • Solid Solutions Construction Services, Inc. addresses industrial, commercial and professional buildings in the Northern California area. All preliminary investigations and estimates are free.

Products We Feature