Solid Solutions Construction Services Inc. is a full service waterproofing company that serves Northern California and Northern Nevada

Our Services


Solid Solutions Construction Services, Inc. A full-service waterproofing company. We specialize in addressing water intrusion problems that originate from your “building envelope”

  • Exterior wall surfaces and joints
  • Windows
  • Balconies
  • Walkways
  • Vehicle deck surfaces
  • Below-grade garages, planters, and walls
  • Roof surfaces


We provide options for protecting your building from large or small water problems. Solid Solutions have the extensive product and industry experience to competently help you choose the right products and specifications that best meet your budget requirements. Most water problems have optional approaches and pricing that can include:

  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Replacement


Since 2000, we have successfully developed solutions that best meet your project and budget requirements through:

  • Thorough review of water intrusion history and patterns that limit wasted costs and comebacks
  • Preemptive construction analysis that considers the obvious as well as contributing factors
  • Testing techniques to confirm water origination point(s) in difficult or complex situations
  • Solid Solutions Construction Services, Inc. addresses industrial, commercial and professional buildings in the Northern California area. All preliminary investigations and estimates are free.

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